Paul Walker was my first crush before I graduated to having a 'real boyfriend' in highschool and this picture of him from the cover of Vanity Fair was on my school diary for years (needless to say I daydreamed a lot about him in class) I hadn't thought about him for a while, but he was part of a cherished period in my life - and so his sudden passing has hit me hard.

How can someone so beautiful be gone.. my heart is broken for you Paul - I grew up, but I never stopped loving you.

Though I never had the chance to meet Paul, he lived in (Santa Barbara) and loved (Hawaii) my favourite places on earth.. and I will think of him whenever I'm there and look out to the ocean.

Your passing has washed away my fear of death, and your life has inspired me to appreciate the beauty of each new day.

Aloha 'oe gorgeous one..

In Paul's memory, Maximillia eBoutique will make monthly donations to his charity, Reach Out Worldwide. To learn more about ROWW or to donate yourself, please click here.

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